Procare Fast Foiler 120MM




Introducing the World’s First: The Ultimate Foil-Separating Pintail Comb

When it comes to precision in the art of hair colouring, we have redefined the game with our groundbreaking innovation. Say hello to the industry’s first multi-purpose pintail comb, purpose-built to separate and pick up foils quickly and efficiently while you work your magic. Here is what makes this comb truly exceptional:

Foil-Friendly Design: We’ve equipped this innovative carbon comb with a unique magi-pad that effortlessly picks up individual foils. No more struggling to separate them by hand – our pintail comb streamlines your foiling process.

Strength Meets Flexibility: Crafted from high-quality materials, this sophisticated pin tail comb strikes the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. It can withstand heat up to 240°C, ensuring it stays resilient during your colouring sessions.

Fine-Tooth Perfection: Our lightweight design features fine teeth that gracefully glide through the hair. This comb is not just for foiling; it’s your go-to tool for various colouring techniques, backcombing, and even perm winding.

Efficiency Redefined: With this pintail comb in hand, you will experience newfound efficiency in your hairstyling process. The days of struggling with tangled foils or delicate manoeuvres are behind you. This comb empowers you to work seamlessly and with unmatched precision.

Embrace a new era of hairstyling with the world’s only Foil-Separating Pintail Comb. We have designed it with one goal in mind – to elevate your artistry, minimize your effort, and maximize your creativity.

Transform your colouring experience and redefine perfection with every pick up. Experience the future of foiling today.